Important Factors In Your Workout Routine For Weight Loss

Disinfectant tissues/ Hand sanitizers:

Bacteria thrive in sweat, so it’s basic gym courtesy to wipe it off during and after using the gym equipment. But most people don’t do it. In such cases, disinfectant tissues can come to your rescue. Also, it’s not possible for you to wash hands with soap and water frequently during a workout session. A hand-sanitizer will come handy then.

Water bottle:

This one is a must. The body loses a lot of water when you exercise for an hour or more, depending on the intensity of the workout. This may lead to dehydration gym experts’ advice consumption of 250 ml of fluid within 30 minutes of exercising. This is in addition to 200 ml of fluid, consumed every 10 to 20 minutes, during the workout. Why waste time making frequent trips to the water cooler when you should be working out instead.


You certainly do not want to be the member of the “body odor member’s club”. Few people in the gym earn this notorious reputation due to lack of awareness. It is always a good idea to carry your favourite deodorant in your gym bag and if needed use it frequently!

Workout shoes:

Shoes that fits you well and cushioned well are a must have! You need a pair of shoes not necessarily high on budget but certainly high on comfort when you work out! Also another rule of the gym shoes is that you should not wear soiled or dirty shoes in a gym. Your shoes should be clean and hygienic and should be exclusively use for the gym.

Clean napkin:

When you exercise you sweat extensively. It’s a good idea to keep a clean napkin or a face towel handy to wipe you off it.

Face wash

A face wash to that is mild and gently fragrant is another must have. After a vigorous workout a splash of water and some face wash that foams up will render your skin with the mush needed freshness. Also your skin would be washed away of the dirt, grime and the excess sweat. Do not neglect your neck when you wash your face!

Exercise certainly has no alternative. But you can very well supplement your weight loss regime with a gentle colon cleanser which will flush out the accumulated debris inside your intestines, make you feel lighter and accelerate weight loss for certain. Pure Asian Garcinia is a great product to reward your weight loss regime. It is effective yet totally natural and free from any chemicals and additives.

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