Train your brain to lose weight

You often must have realized that, your willpower just fall short of that burning desire to stick to your weight loss goals. You sometimes just want to pick up that piece of your favorite pie, or that tempting dessert and make it your own by pushing it down your mouth! But, the end result even more calories to tackle and burn. Suddenly people tend to go in the self criticizing mode after falling prey to temptations and be upset about themselves. But, do not worry; every person who is trying hard to lose weight goes through this phase. But, the good news is that you can train your mind and keep guiding it towards healthy choices. How? Is what we are going to discuss, through this post:

If you want to train your brain to choose healthy foods over fattening ones, be specific. Scientific research shows us that there are two kinds of intentions: ‘goal’ intentions which are broad (‘I need to eat better’) and ‘implementation’ intentions that are more specific. (‘I need to only eat meals that I cook myself’). When you are too general, the brain is less likely to change its behavior, however, when you are more specific, it has to do less work on its own to help you achieve your goal. This is especially true of weight-loss strategies.

Studies have found that exercise can lead to the creation of new brain cells—and exercising your brain can lead to increased willpower. So, exercising both your body and your brain together can help you push yourself even harder.

Different physical exercises rely on different cognitive aspects, such as attention, speed of processing, and even memory. For instance, if you’re taking a new dance class at the gym that requires you to remember all the moves, exercising your attention and memory may make those classes easier to follow and more fun; giving new meaning to mind and body workout.

Thus, training your brain and channelizing your thought process is the key towards weight loss. Effective and natural products like Pure Asian Garcinia is all natural slimming supplement which will offer great results.

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